Communication is Key: Tips on Effective Landlord-Tenant Communication

Good communication is essential for any Palm Springs rental property business. Open and direct communication between tenants and landlords will ensure a successful relationship that translates to long-term tenants and an open relationship. Establishing great communication is important from the start, even when someone is still a prospective renter. This Real Property Management [Franchise Name] approach will help you avoid stress, make profitable deals, and keep you out of legal trouble. Follow these simple tips to get you started on a path to great open communication.

Be Professional

A tenant is essentially your customer. Maintain a respectful, non-emotional communication style when associating with renters. Using “sir” or “ma’am,” asking if another time is better when the background is noisy, or simply asking how the person is doing are all easy ways to be polite. Avoid crossing your arms or showing other defensive or aggressive body language indicators. Smile and show regular eye contact as you listen carefully to your tenant. Remember that you get much further with sugar than you do with vinegar – even when times get hard. Real Property Management Desert Cities knows that professionalism is more than good customer service, it is the gateway to positive communication.

Be Flexible

Communication is not a “one size fits all” element of rental property management. Pay attention to the different communication needs of each tenant, and do not assume that one approach will achieve the same results with all of your renters. If one renter prefers phone calls and another prefers emails, take care to cater to each communication need. If one of your renters doesn’t have the minutes to talk on the phone, consider texting them or visiting with them in person. It may seem like a hassle at first to change a style for one renter, but in the end, for Real Property Management Desert Cities it is worth the extra effort to develop those positive landlord-tenant relationships.

More is more

Do not hesitate to over communicate. So often, we walk away from a conversation thinking that our message was loud and clear when really all parties made assumptions based on the communication (including words, tone, and body language) that skews the message from its original intent. “More” does not need to be “more complicated,” but regular, simple communication will help ensure everyone is clear about your expectations.

Ultimately, remember that you are working with people and that human-nature element requires a little patience and skill on your part to create effective communication. To Real Property Management [Franchise Name] communication is essential; they take the opportunity to communicate at the time of lease signing and at regularly scheduled reviews. Awareness of what it takes to be a good communicator, and even some conscious practice, can help get you in the right direction for success. Your communication can show you care and you are professional.